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UltraPlug Extended, .3mm ( 2 plugs/pkg; 10pkgs/box)

UltraPlug Extended, .3mm ( 2 plugs/pkg; 10pkgs/box)

Overview: Description :
Inserted into the punctal opening to block tear drainage through the canaliculus, synthetic absorbable plugs provide extended temporary relief of dry eye symptoms.

Sterile, disposable

2 plugs per packet / 10 packets per box (20 total)

Reorder #: 985757

Manufacturer #: EPLUG3


Main characteristics :
• Indicated for use in the treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome and the dry eye components of various ocular surface diseases
• May be used after ocular surgery to prevent dry eye related complications
• Ideal for post-op dry eye management of LASIK patients
• Treatment option for seasonal allergy patients experiencing dry eye symptoms
• May be beneficial for contact lens patients experiencing dry eye related symptoms
• Manufactured from E-Caprolactone-L-Lactide copolymer (PCL)
• Essentially absorbed within 2-6 months (60-180 days)

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