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Overview: Features of Seracult Single Slide Test: • These Seracult® guaiac tests are a qualitative aid in the diagnosis of colorectal cancer. They are designed for use in routine physical exams in doctors´ offices, hospitals, clinics and laboratories. Tests are available in single-slide, triple-slide or tape design and in kit form for mailing. • Each test consists of guaiac-impregnated paper in slide form with front and back flaps. • Front flap opens for specimen smear. • Back flap opens for development. • Simple and easy to use by examiner or patient and easy to read, accurate results. • Reliable detection of 90% of the colorectal cancers that bleed. • Includes: Single slides, two 15mL bottles of developer, 100 applicators. To use, apply stool sample to one side of guaiac-impregnated paper, which is available in tape form or as a cardboard-mounted slide. Apply two drops of developer to the back of the paper. If the stool sample contains occult blood, the hemoglobin from the blood will react with the impregnated guaiac and the developer to produce a blue color within 30 to 60 seconds. A special performance control area is available on the cardboard-slide design.

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