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PureSorb® Foam Wiper  4" x 5” (10x13cm)

PureSorb® Foam Wiper 4" x 5” (10x13cm)

Overview: PureSorb® foam wipes are made of 100 ppi polyester-based hydrophilic polyurethane foam. The foam is reticulated in a thermal process to create the open cell structure, significantly increasing the sorbency and improving the entrapment and removal of particles during wiping applications. The wipers are precision cut by laser and laundered, to reduce the fibers and particles to an extremely low level. The combination of the excellent sorbency, low fibers and the soft and non-abrasive properties of PureSorb® Foam Wipers result in the superior performance required in ISO Class 3 and above environments.

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• Polyester-based polyurethane foam wiper
• 100 ppi open cell hydrophilic foam
• Reticulated in a non-chemical process
• Laser cut edge

• Critically low fibers and particles
• Chemically compatible with IPA and other solvents
• High sorbency capacity
• Soft and non-abrasive
• Entraps and removes the particles
• Easy Open Notch
• Autoclavable

• Light weight, high sorbency design reduces landfill waste impact when compared to more traditional heavier weight designs
• Complies with RoHS and REACH requirements

• Screen cleaning in microelectronics
• Cleaning in pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing
• Enhanced removal of disinfecting solutions
• Padded work surface
• Digital printing for cleaning solvents and inks
• Cellulose sponge replacement
• Excellent for applying cleaning solutions to large surfaces
• Wiping down glass vessels

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