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Overview: Packaging: .36mL/Each, 12/Box.

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DERMABOND Mini can be used to close easily approximated small incisions or lacerations. DERMABOND Mini is a topical skin adhesive with a unique formulation proven to create a protective barrier that adds strength and inhibits bacteria.
Strength: Clinically shown to provide 7-day wound-holding strength in just 3 minutes192
Microbial barrier: Provides a flexible microbial barrier with 99% protection in vitro for 72 hours against organisms commonly responsible for surgical site infections (SSIs)
Inhibition of bacteria: Demonstrates in vitro inhibition of gram-positive bacteria (MRSA and MRSE) and gram-negative bacteria (E coli)Furthermore, DERMABOND Mini's unique formulation provides added value:
Promotes patient comfort by providing flexible closure without the pain or anxiety caused by needles
Offers fast closure of small incisions and lacerations
Addresses cost and convenience concerns by eliminating the need for return visits to remove suturesDERMABOND Mini is part of the DERMABOND® Portfolio.The products in the DERMABOND Portfolio are supported by more clinical evidence, outcomes data, and publications than any other Topical Skin Adhesive

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